Sneaky Authority Figures

Hegemony is a political or cultural dominance, or authority over others.

In this online article, a mother uses her adult figure, her authority figure over her daughter to get her to do what she wants her to do. However, she does this in a sneaky without her daughter noticing. Instead of telling her daughter “It’s time for bed,” knowing the she will resist, the mother asks her “this or that” questions to get her preferance. Each question receives an answer that leads to her daughter falling asleep without the girl even realizing what her mom is doing. There was no force used. The child was just outsmarted because her mother is older and knows how to trick.

The article then gives an example of figures using their superior position to get older people to do or believe certain things. The socially powerful convince those below them in society that it is their fault they are poor or have less.

Think of other ways that this sneaky, less forceful way of coercion is used. We do not realize when it’s used so there could be many things out there. Why do authority figures have to use their mindsets to get those who are inferior to feel low?


Discrimination Towards Everyone

Discriminate: to make an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of different categories of people or things.

Today everyone faces some sort of discrimination, and each group of people know they are not liked by other groups. Discrimination is maybe not displayed as harshly as it used to be in the past, but it still exists. People are discriminated because of their sexual orientation, their race, their gender, their religion, maybe if they have disabilities. It is ridiculous how people today still find ways to classify a person as different, or not normal. We are all people, and we all go through life together. Each person has their own struggles, why should we give them more hardships to face?

We do not necessarily have to be friends with everyone, but we sure should not find ways to make someone feel inferior or anything less than a real person.