Racist? Disrespectful? Or Just Overreacting?


While some might argue that racism is a thing of the past, others will claim that the concept is still very much alive and thriving. In the reading “Racism without Racists,” Bonilla-Silva argues that racism is still an issue in our world today even if people claim they are not racists or argue that it is no longer a problem.

This article focuses on a performance by Katy Perry at the American Music Awards back in 2013. In her performance, she is seen dressed up as a geisha while her surroundings matched the representation of Japanese culture.

Responses to Katy Perry’s performance were either labeled as racist and disrespectful or others saw the performance as fine. Even though her performance can be seen in two different lights, the overall idea that racism is still prevalent, like Bonilla-Silva’s argument, is shown.  No matter how many people might think something is not being racist, there will still be members of society who beg to differ.  While racism is not as huge of a dilemma as it once was, there are still problems that circulate around the topic which are being represented heavily in popular culture icons.

Do you think Katy Perry’s performance was rightfully labeled as racist and disrespectful when analyzing all aspects of the performance or do you believe the act was a representation of an expression of art?


Equality in the Workplace


The article “A Chance to See Disabilities as Assets” discusses issues involving disabilities in the workplace. Similarly to the reading by Douglas Baynton, this article discusses the changes that need to be made in our culture when it involves disability and how the term is defined among society.  Women and African Americans were seen as unequal’s to men in the readings, whereas the people in this article are viewed as unequal to their competitors.

The cultural aspect is an article written in the New York Times.

The inequality displayed to disabled people is apparent through various statistics showcasing the low numbers of people with disabilities that are hired. There needs to be a balance in society so that people have equal opportunities to get a job no matter what “disability” they might have.

What approaches can be made to help improve equality among people with disabilities in the workplace?