Dad Uses 3D Printer To Make His Son A Prosthetic Hand


Americans will always find a way to a new frontier. Right now, scientists are working hard to research and test newer, better, faster, and cheaper options for healthcare. It doesn’t seem like they will ever be satisfied because social institutions like the pharmaceutical or prosthetics industries are growing increasingly competitive as technology advances. This article is an example of using amazing technology to better the lives of humans. We have discussed in how people, especially Americans are obsessed with machines and have used them to cure all sorts of ailments. 3-D printers are still new, but it will be interesting to see how far scientists and doctors can take them.

Do you think there is a limit to the amount or degree of which we integrate technology with our bodies? Where should this line be drawn?


Disabled face discrimination as fake service dogs on the rise

This video and accompanying article inform us of a new problem for people with disabilities: they are being interrogated because some people are disguising their pets as service animals. Service animals go through months of training and have special licenses to be able provide disabled people with the care they need. Isn’t it ironic how people act like disabilities are an awful ordeal until it is convenient for them to take advantage of them? Disabled people face enough discrimination and problems in their everyday lives without having to further explain their disability to the public. This also could create arguments about where the line of classifying disability is drawn.

Why are these people abusing the system and what does it say about how Americans view disabilities? What should be done to fix this?