Technology and Her

The “Body Electric” reading about electric belts and the intimacies of technology reminded me of the movie Her, in which a man falls in love with his computer’s operating system. The de la Pena article is closely related to this movie through the general theme of societies’ different uses for technology, and also the connections humans can develop with technology. In the reading it is a purely physical relationship, but the movie is more concerned with the emotional aspect (although there are some uncomfortable scenes that tackle both). Currently, we use technology to connect with other humans, for the most part; but artificial intelligence as it is shown in the film would likely change that dynamic drastically.

Aside from the fact that I really enjoyed this movie, I wanted to write about Her because its imagined future so closely resembles the electric belt craze of the very real past. Considering one of the goals of this course is to make the ordinary foreign and vice-verse, what could be considered strange about our culture’s behaviors and attitudes regarding technology?


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