Race Outside of the Ferguson Case


Liz Lin analyzes the influence of Asian Americans on the topic of Ferguson. She argues that few Asian Americans talk about the subject or even participate in the effort of the case. Furthermore, she talks about the advantages and disadvantages of being Asian American. Although her article is about Asian Americans, her ideas also reveal the disadvantages of being hyphenated Americans in America. Asian Americans are advantaged because they are generally described as hardworking and smart. However, they are disadvantaged because they belong to neither the American or Asian side.

More importantly, Lin highlights the definition of race in her article. Lin, a professor and a consultant states, “Race is complicated for us. On one hand, we’re disadvantaged in many ways.  We’re perpetually seen as foreigners, as people who don’t belong here…Multiple laws have been passed to exclude us from immigration and citizenship” She suggests that hyphenated Americans are always considered foreigners despite assimilation to America or naturalization. The second part of the quote ties back to readings in lecture that talked about immigration exclusion acts. The article proposes the question: Does race matter outside of the case? Is race an issue in the protests and other events of the Ferguson case? 


One thought on “Race Outside of the Ferguson Case

  1. I think race is definitely an issue both in the Ferguson case and outside of it. Based on every article I’ve read or video I’ve watched about the conflict between Mike Brown and Officer Wilson has convinced me that there is this investigation was not conducted thoroughly or fairly. One fact that sticks out to me is that there were no photos or measurements taken at the scene of the crime; this is not how our judicial system is supposed to work and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Mike Brown was African-American. Race doesn’t seem to have as much to do with the protests. Black and white and Asian and people of all races can be seen protesting the lack of indictment and the unfair handling of the case. These sort of tragedies affect everyone, not just African-Americans.


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