“Electric belts” in the Modern Era

While the Electric belt is something that we awkwardly shy away from as a strange form of connection with technology in America in the late 19th century, we have similar pieces of technology that function as a cultural connection in our society today.

Big hero 6

The move Big Hero 6 portrays a friendly healthcare robot named Baymax that becomes the companion of a 14 year old boy. In the movie’s town of San Fransokyo, robots and more innovative technology than is currently seen today are prevalent in society. This movie portrays a similar idea of the electric belts in its use of technology. Robots become companions almost and humans even find a way to form emotional bonds with the robots. While this isn’t exactly what is seen today in society, we still form similar connections with technology today as is seen in people’s attachment to their phones and other pieces of technology. Most people when asked would respond that they feel “naked” to some degree without their phone on them at all times. While Big Hero 6 takes connection to technology to new heights, it raises the question, what does the audience find most alluring about Baymax? Is it the portrayal of man being able to interact with and grow close with technology? Or is it as simple as his lovable and friendly demeanor?


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