Women Committing Assault?…Impossible


In today’s society, many are under the impression that it is only possible for men to commit domestic violence. This is due to the fact that men are usually portrayed as stronger than women and capable of taking advantage of them.

The cultural object provided is an article. The piece says that Emma Roberts was arrested in Montreal, Canada for domestic violence. She had apparently given her partner a bloody nose and the victim had bite marks upon his body.

This case relates to Baynton’s “Disability and the Justification of Inequality in American History” where he states that women were/are known as weak and fragile in society and they are often seen as the victim rather than the abuser. Because of this, Emma Roberts’s story and others like it comes as a shock. Cases like these that involve a woman as the abuser aren’t as well known as other cases where a man is the abuser. Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen are great examples of this. The case involving Emma Roberts shows just how little society’s views on women have changed. The ideology of gender disability is still upon us, meaning that women are still being seen as weak, fragile and inferior to men.

When will society acknowledge that domestic violence caused by men and women can have the same harmful effects? Will this double-standard ever be put to rest?


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