What If a Disney Princess Lived In the Hood

Esther Park


An imagined community is a socially constructed community because it is constructed by the imaginations of its members that believe they belong to that community.


This cultural text is a music video that explores what it would be like if the Disney princess, Belle, lived in a “ghetto” African American community. The ghetto is an imagined community that has been popularized through pop culture. Most of the famous Hip Hop artists grew up in the “hood” and have talked about their experiences of growing up in these imagined communities. Todrick Hall, the director of this film has included racism and the hegemonic idea that approves the racism. (This also ties to Blackface because the audience was not bothered by the show and the theatrical make up.) The imagined part of the ghetto community is the stereotypical lifestyle of the African Americans, the way they dress, talk, treat others, etc.


The imagined community of the ghetto is often taken in a negative way. If the people living in theses communities have imagined themselves in the stereotypical types of ways, is it their fault that they are seen negatively? Or did our hegemonic ideals allow us to poke fun at their differences to make their imagined community seem negative?


One thought on “What If a Disney Princess Lived In the Hood

  1. I found this post to be very interesting for multiple reasons. First, I just liked the idea behind your cultural text. I found it interesting how this parody uses such an innocent children’s song to show racism in today’s society. Second, liked your interpretation of how a “ghetto” is an imagined community and how this community has been popularized by Hip-Hop. Lastly, another thing I found interesting was the idea that the imagined part of a “ghetto” community is based off of stereotypes.

    To answer your question, I don’t believe that the people living in these types of communities are at fault. I believe our hegemonic ideals, placed into our minds by society, are to blame for allowing people to make fun of these communities and for portraying them in a negative light. I also believe that some people like to feel better about themselves so they pick on the underdog in society, which in this case are the people that live in this community.


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