The extreme reactions to Anita Sarkeesian in the gaming community

On youtube, reddit, and other large social media sites, the mere mention of Anita Sarkeesian will flood your inbox with outright hatred. Her videos focus on the role of tropes in video games, specifically the offensive portrayal of women in some video games. She talks about the “damsel in distress” trope associated with many video games and asks the gaming community, and gaming developers, to do some introspection when it comes to the writing of the stories for their games.

The reactions to her critiques have been extreme, and laughably illustrative of her point. The gaming community is sexist against women. It is exceptional to find a game that portrays female characters with nuance and character development, and it is exceptional to find a female critic that is *not* ridiculed because of her gender.

Reactions to Anita Sarkeesian’s videos have included threats of rape, murder, and harassment. She is constantly harassed by Youtube personalities in the gaming community, and faces daily personal attacks because of her critical perspective.

Here is an example: [warning: explicit language]


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