How Women are Viewed in Today’s Media


This Carl’s Jr. ad aired during the 2013 Super Bowl, one of the most viewed television events of the year.  It shows an attractive woman in a bikini eating a fish sandwich.  Is that really all that is being advertised  here though?

In today’s ad industry women are highly sexualized/objectified.  Although this woman may be attractive she is obviously oiled up, photoshopped and wearing a very small bikini.  Women have always been told how to “be feminine” like in Douglas’ article when she bring up the idea of “what it means to be a girl”.  Ads like this give women and men a false idea of what femininity should look like. Many ads in today’s culture are products for loosing weight and make-up.  Women are supposed to be “feminine” but not too much as to lead to “slut-shaming”.

How is this ad supposed to be making the viewer want to buy a sandwich? Would this ad be as effective is the gender roles were switched and it was a man eating a sandwhich on the beach?


One thought on “How Women are Viewed in Today’s Media

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It is obvious that advertisements use women sexual image than men’s.
    Especially this ad seems to have significant influence to people because it was exposed to enormous amount of people during the American major sport event. Nowadays the media is the one of the powerful constitutions which conveys the ideology or norms that can be embedded in to people’s mind.
    To answer your question, to change the ad into man eating sandwich in the beach would not be effective. However, recently there are ads which used men sexual images to appeal to women consumer. For instance, there is a home appliance ad which uses men’s sexual image very explicitly. This ad has increased their profit due to the success of this advertisement. Regarding the main gender of the target, the sexual images of the counter-gender are used in advertisements frequently.


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