Dad Uses 3D Printer To Make His Son A Prosthetic Hand


Americans will always find a way to a new frontier. Right now, scientists are working hard to research and test newer, better, faster, and cheaper options for healthcare. It doesn’t seem like they will ever be satisfied because social institutions like the pharmaceutical or prosthetics industries are growing increasingly competitive as technology advances. This article is an example of using amazing technology to better the lives of humans. We have discussed in how people, especially Americans are obsessed with machines and have used them to cure all sorts of ailments. 3-D printers are still new, but it will be interesting to see how far scientists and doctors can take them.

Do you think there is a limit to the amount or degree of which we integrate technology with our bodies? Where should this line be drawn?


3 thoughts on “Dad Uses 3D Printer To Make His Son A Prosthetic Hand

  1. I really liked the topic you chose found it to be quite thought provoking. It seems as society progresses, technology is becoming seamlessly integrated into our lives. It has gotten to a point where those without these technologies become placed at a disadvantage. In another class I’ve taken at Davis, we discussed prosthetics and their advancements overtime. A big question raised through this was whether these prosthetics became so advanced that they became preferable to the natural body part they were replacing. In the case of the 3D printer, this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities and it will be interesting to see just how far creators and consumers take it.


  2. As we read about in The Body Electric, Americans have always embraced the medical benefits of technology. The electric belt in connection to the body brought vitality to men. In current times, technology is relied on for all kinds of medical conditions. Some people feel that a line should be drawn between helpful technology and unnatural altering of the body. I think that if new technology can help enhance peoples life in any way than it should be pursued. Whether this be through 3D printing of prosthetics or workout equipment, we should embrace the benefits of our technologically advanced world.


  3. The Body Electric reading proves to us that humans, especially Americans grow with technology. Technology has been expanding and growing in an exponential way throughout American history. When we see a new technological gadget or item, it becomes hegemonic for everyone to have it. Every time we get used to one piece of technological equipment, a new one is introduced. In this way we grow with technology. If we see things in a bigger picture, technology might allow us to find ways to live in space or to find ways to build human like robots that roam around the world with humans. Meaning I believe technology wont be limited as long as humans exist. America is known to try to make their ideas known to everyone else so we might even attempt to bring our technological advancements to other countries to spread it across the world. We might even “manifest destiny” our technologies so that we can grow more technologically together.


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