Women in Game of Thrones: Subversive or Dominant?

http://time.com/2865626/game-of-thrones-more-feminist-than-you-think/ (Warning: Depicts spoilers)

As we delve into the depiction of women and gender roles in mass media, one can see the numerous depictions of women in our own media. I specifically choose the show Game of Thrones’s depiction of women both because of the popularity of the show, as well as the controversy it has generated over its depiction of women.

Game of Thrones has numerous nudity scenes, as well as some very harrowing rape scenes and misogynistic attitudes conveyed by some characters. Numerous feminists argue of how the show repeatedly objectifies women. However, one must also consider the show’s other depiction of women as well, as leaders of conquering armies and as influential and dominant characters in the show.

So we are presented by two conflicting images: the traditional image of women as passive receivers of sexual attention, and as powerful players who conquer cities and dominate over other men. Which image do you believe the show probably emphasizes more: subversive or dominance? Is the fact that they are taking the image of women in a different direction override their more negative connotations, or the traditional image is present regardless?


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