Money Talks: How Money Influences The Public

In society today, there are many different facets of our everyday lives that are predisposed by popular demand or the dominant feel of our community.  We are faced with these influences without even identifying them as forms of persuasion, so we allow ourselves to be coerced by various propaganda.  One of the determinants in todays’ day and age of what is popular is typically those who are more affluent and wealthy.  When you are a person of a higher social status, society has a primal disposition to want to act similarly to you, in hopes that they’d be viewed in a positive manner.  An example on a much bigger scale of how money can be a tactic of influence is recently, the Supreme Court had eliminated the limit on how much corporations can contribute to political action committees during campaigns, which gives them free reign to endorse any candidate, covertly hoping this candidate would act favorably towards them.   This is very hegemonic in nature in that more affluent individuals/bodies set the “trends” for people who admire them in a coercive manner.  Once coercion occurs, norms are set which leads to the overall consent of the general public to accept certain ideologies or things as being more favored, such as trends or political figures.


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