Hegemony for the Holidays (Kaylin Mouchawar)

As the holidays are around the corner, I have found it vital to post about the hegemonic ideologies starting to circulate in the air. Hegemony can be seen as inevitable, and naturalized; hegemonic ideologies require coercion with little consent. As seen in the Charlie Brown clip above, some of the hegemonic ideas regarding Thanksgiving include talking about thanks at the table, and eating turkey dinner with the family. Some other American meal additions are cranberries, mashed potatoes, stuffing and vegetables, while some other traditions are watching the Macy’s Day parade and the football game of the day. These Americanized concepts are hegemonic as they are widely accepted and practiced throughout the country, but are rarely ever questioned. People just know it, and therefore, they do it.

Do you believe the hegemonic ideologies behind holidays boost the commercial market, make the holidays more widely accepted and celebrated, or both?


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