American Empire

An empire is a geographically extensive group of states and peoples united and ruled by a central authority, either by a monarch or an oligarchy.When we mentioned empire first come up into ours minds may be the British or French.However in today’s society more and more people consider the United State as an empire.

In the article “Empire” Shelley Streeby says that people use the word “empire” to describe the form of U.S power in the world.It is beyond dispute that U.S. has some characteristics of the empire. It did the territorial expansion in U.S.Mexico war and also colonized other countries in history such like Puerto Rico and the Philippines. However the American imperialism is quite different from European imperialism. Since The U.S. is a freedom and democracy country, it focus were liberators rather than conquerors. What’s more, the pursuit of the American imperialism are commercial benefit and the establishment of military bases instead of dominating the countries like other empires did. This make the U.S. be a unique empire.

Do you agree with that America is an Empire? What do you consider about the definition of the American imperialism?


One thought on “American Empire

  1. I think US now is experiencing the “new” imperialism which is peacefully dealing with problems with other countries rather than using army to annex other lands. Obama’s proposition is that US now is focusing on dealing with political settlements, for example, when the US solving the conflict in Syria, the US government preferred the diplomatic resolution rather than the military fight. I totally agree with this idea, because I think military victory can just help one country win superficially, and the diplomatic negotiation is the only way to create a win-win resolution.


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