Undercover Racism

Under-the-Radar Racists

In, “Racism without Racists,” Eduardo Bonilla-Silva stresses his argument that racism is still prevalent in today’s society. Although laws prohibit acts of racism, people continue to do it restaurants and places of work.

This article gives some examples, one of which has become one of the most controversial racism stories ever. Donald Stern, long-time owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, had been caught on film discriminating against blacks, and in particular, the players on his team. Disguising himself as a kind and accepting leader, the racist man was able to be in charge of a team in a league consisting of mostly blacks and minorities. Because misguided people believe that racism no longer exists, people are missing others commit racist acts every day.

If educated on the Donald Sterling and Clippers situation, how do you think this will affect race and equality in sports for years to come? Why?


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