The Hegemony Behind Shaving Legs

A big step in becoming a woman in American society is the act of shaving your legs. From a women’s standpoint it’s a hegemonic belief because they buy into the concept that they look more attractive when they shave their legs to others around them.

The Venus shaving commercial above advertises the normalcy of woman shaving their legs with a razor. The concept of removing unnecessary hair from unwanted parts of a woman’s body is considered desirable by society. Therefore in order to become a “goddess” women should shave their legs.

These types of beauty commercials and magazines are advertised everywhere, which promote the idea that shaving your legs is a normal act for women to participate in. The main message being sent is if you shave you legs, then you are seen as more attractive. This hegemony belief exists because most women don’t even think about the reasons why they shave their legs, it’s simply something that they do in order to fit into our culture.

What other ways do women fall victim to adapting to societies expectations without even realizing it? Do you think these social standards will ever change for women?


One thought on “The Hegemony Behind Shaving Legs

  1. I see women become victims of adapting to societies expectations by trying to have the “perfect” body figure. They go on diets and exercise to lose weight and look like the women on magazine covers who supposedly represent the ideal woman. Women make a big deal about how they look daily because they feel they have to look a certain way, like the celebrities. Some also pile on make-up for the same reason because they feel they need it to look prettier. However, there are some women who fuss little to not at all on how they look compared to everyone else. Women need to learn to love themselves for who they are.


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