Say No to the Racism

By reading the article “Racism without Racists”, we can see nowadays most people will not discriminate against the African Americans and the black. However we could know that during the history, most of the black were oppressed for such a long time. More than 600,000 men lost their lives in the Civil War in 1860, which was caused by the slavery. By the end of the war, though the black would enjoy the right to get access to the school, hospital and transportation, they still were deprived of the right to enjoy the same conditions as the white’s hard for them to find a job or they could get a good pay even if they had get one. They still lived in the poverty.

From the developing of the American history, I think the racism will eventually die out in the nearly future. The American have changed their concept and began to accept the interracial marriage. Also now they chose Obama to be their president. Many people realized that it is ridiculous to discriminate them just because their skin is black. Furthermore, black people make great contribution to the American society and the role played is becoming essential.


One thought on “Say No to the Racism

  1. I highly agree with that in current American society most people do not discriminate the African Americans and the blacks.However it is beyond dispute that thet the racism still exists in our lives. The gap between whites and blacks is not so easier to be eliminated and needs even dozens of generations to reduce it. Obama became the president of the United State is a very good sign that the blacks is accepted by the whole American citizens.Moreover, I consider that people who are American citizens no matter what race they are shoud have the same rights because they contribute themselves to the United State as well. Finally, I believe all people no matter what color, what race they are will be eventually melt into the American melting pot.


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