How YouTube Mocks Hegemony

Hegemony is influence exerted by a group over another group, thus making certain ideas dominant without the need for coercion. The satirical YouTube video, “The Rules of Racism,” featuring Lilly Singh and Ryan Higa, portrays stereotypes about two races (Chinese and Indian) through insults when both actors fight over a parking spot.

Hegemony involves generalizations about each racial group that are spread by other groups in order to categorize each group. For example, Singh’s character argues that Chinese people are poor drivers. She assumes that her racial group (Indian) is superior over the Chinese, and therefore she spreads the stereotype about them being bad drivers. While this is not true for many people of Chinese descent, there is still a general understanding and consensus that they do not drive well, hence allowing for hegemony.

How can people effectively use counterhegemony to get rid of stereotypes about different races?


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