Exploring the Final Frontier and Expanding the Melting Pot

As noted in Limericks’ article, historically, Americans have always looked for a new frontier, an empty space waiting to be explored no matter what danger or opportunity await. Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek TV series epitomizes the futuristic aspect of the frontier and we see clear evidence of this in the show’s famous opening monologue but beyond that, Star Trek expands on the Melting Pot idea.

As a former Air Force and commercial pilot and native to California, arguably one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the U.S., Roddenberry encountered his fair share of other ethnicities. In Star Trek, we see this reflected in the diverse cast. The picture above is of the cast of the first season of Star Trek: the Next Generation. We see in this picture not only a mix of ethnicities but also a mix of gender and age.

Through this, Roddenberry, an American, expresses in an American TV show that the mixing of ethnicities, genders, and ages is easily accepted and can seamlessly work on such pioneering adventures as exploring unknown space. He also expresses his hope for a future America and world where even “aliens” such as Klingons and Androids can be accepted, respected and honored in American society.


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