Exceptionalism and Americans


No ideology penetrates American society more than the idea of American Exceptionalism. Americans resound with the idea that no other people can accomplish the same feats as Americans. There exists some degree of truth because Americans continually introduce new norms for the world.

The idea of making money and becoming famous through YouTube, for example, began within American society. YouTube first started as a medium to share videos with friends and family. Nowadays dozens, if not hundreds, of people around the world have well-paying YouTube careers.

However, no other race of people could have made YouTube a possible career choice. American society connected with the initial wave of YouTubers because these YouTubers introduced a new frontier in entertainment. American viewers began to share the dream of growing YouTube alongside the content creators. Now, YouTube exists as a medium to provide professional and high quality content. Some even have the financial backing of companies like Disney.

Now the question is how long will Americans resonate with American Exceptionalism? Also, which society has the ability to create global phenomena as thriving as Americans do?


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