You might be color-blind without realizing it!

The piece, “Racism without Racists,” by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, discusses the social issue “color-blind racism” in the United States. Color-blind racism encourages people to be treated equally to end racial discrimination. I understood color-blind racism in Silva’s article to be that people (often white) will not outwardly discriminate against people, but they will display prejudices.

The cultural object is a clip from the Freakonomics documentary, which discusses color-blind racism in a job application scenario.

Dr. Sendhil Mullainathan develops a study by sending out identical applications, half with the name “Tyrone” and half with the name “Greg.” He found that the applications with Greg were responded to and received more phone calls. His research supports the idea that the people receiving the applications would assume a person’s race, culture, or ethnicity. While ethnic groups might not be forbidden to work or live somewhere, they will suffer from prejudices without a person knowing their race, culture, or ethnicity.

Dr. Mullainathan asks, “Should people give in to the prevailing norms” or name their child what they want knowing that it might cause challenges in the labor market?


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